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We build product roadmap mutually with our customers, monetize the data, discover the adaptable technology, and eventually design to that transitory.

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We create mobile apps that give hands-down captivating user experiences. We create designs that are intuitive, accessible, cool & even addictive.

Web Development

We hook your thoughts, craft it, and give you a sky-scraping feel, as best ever website, with our Inventive Designs and Cutting-edge technology.

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Project :Cleargate

Domain :Payment Gateway Service provider in US

Technology : jsp, javascript, java / j2ee, spring, mysql, tomcat 6.0

The days of swipe & sign credit card processing are numbered. In the wake of large-scale data breaches and identity theft, both retailers and shoppers worldwide have begun demanding greater security. In place of traditional credit cards are chip-enabled payment technologies developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV).

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